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Commercial Fiction / Roman Grand Public

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  • Lorraine Motel
    Motel Lorraine

    Brigitte Pilote

    The year is 1977. Sonia, a fortune teller on the run, and her two daughters, Lou and Georgia, take refuge in Room 306 of the Lorraine Motel, which has been unoccupied since that infamous April 4, 1968, when Martin Luther King was assassinated. They [...]

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  • All I Needed to Tell You
    Tout ce que j'aurais voulu te dire

    Annie Loiselle

    Premier roman! / First novel!

    Elena Cohen is going to die. From the infinite sadness of her death comes the urgency to say what hasn't been said yet, those little and big secrets forced on us by the different parts we each have to play in our lifetime. With her upcoming death, [...]

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  • Yew

    Ghislaine Meunier-Tardif

    The heroine of L'écarlate (The Scarlet) and Coup de soleil (Sunburn) is back and making plans for a road trip to the West Coast of the United States. The only thing she's missing is a travel companion. She places an ad, sifts through the answers and [...]

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  • Champions of Love
    Les Champions de l'amour

    Michèle Bazin

    Les champions de l'amour (Champions of Love) tells the story of Jessica, a rebellious 17-year-old who turns to the sex trade as a means of paying back the money she owes. The idea of making hundreds of dollars in a few hours – not to mention the [...]

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  • Tenderness Can Wait
    La tendresse attendra

    Matthieu Simard

    In his new novel, Matthieu Simard reconnects with what has made him successful: biting, often cynical, humour, always full of derision. A thirthysomething writer decides to become a plumber in an effort to win back - he thinks - his ex, who is [...]

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  • Chess and Math
    Échecs et maths

    Anne Bonhomme

    Ophélie Tanguay thinks that her life is unfair. Her family seems disinterested in her career as an actuary and even less interested in her romantic breakup. Then there's her sister, the lovely Marie-Pier, who always manages to get what she wants and [...]

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  • Sunburn
    Coup de soleil

    Ghislaine Meunier-Tardif

    Ghislaine Meunier-Tardif's first novel, L'Écarlate (Scarlet), surprised readers with its boldness. Sunburn dares to go even further by introducing situations that are sometimes embarrassing, often funny, generally debauched, from time to time [...]

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  • Curtains Up
    Sous la toge, tome 2

    Nathaly Dufour

    Returning to Quebec after a trip to France and having abandoned her career as a lawyer, Caroline gets a job at Théâtre de la Pleine Lune. Fascinated by the theatrical world she begins to discover, she wonders if she could have finally found her [...]

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  • The Crazier it Gets... Tumour!
    Plus fou que ça... tumeur !

    Véronique Lettre, Christiane Morrow

    Véronique, a 37-year-old publicist, has joint custody of three children, two full-time cats and… a brain tumour. Since her diagnosis in March 2009, her busy family life has become crazy. Between chemotherapy and radiology treatments, the reader is [...]

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  • Justine

    Annie Ouellet

    The heroine of this delicious piece of chick lit is a young woman with an unfortunate tendency to both exaggerate her ailments and dramatize her emotions. One day, a random event results in some self-examination and the following conclusions: at [...]

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